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Many couples know the problem: the desire to have a child changes their sex life. Especially when it doesn’t work right away. Stress and expectations are proven counterproductive factors when it comes to fertility. Those who follow a few simple tips on the other hand, can enjoy relaxed and pleasurable sex and conceive at the same time.

Pay attention to timing

Between the sheets not everything is supposed to revolve around the planned pregnancy: however, knowing a woman’s fertile days is helpful for couples wishing to conceive. This includes the day of ovulation and the day before. Women can identify their fertile days by the assistance of LH (Luteinizing Hormone) Ovulation Kits to identify the ‘LH Surge’, and by regularly measuring their temperature and monitoring their cervical mucus. Around the time of ovulation, a woman’s temperature rises by approx. half a degree and her cervical mucus becomes clear and thick. Some women also experience a dragging sensation in their abdomen, so-called ovulation pain. All signs that the chances of conceiving are good!

See to lubrication

Sex on command can quickly become stressful. Often, this leads to vaginal dryness. Lubricants provide relief and make scheduled sex a pleasurable experience. However: couples wishing have a baby should abstain from using conventional lubricant gels from the chemist! These can hamper sperm motility and negatively affect fertility. Prefert Vaginal Gel has been developed especially for couples wishing to conceive. It has the ideal pH and, thanks to the natural arabinogalactan it contains, helps sperm find their way to a woman’s eggs.

Try out different positions

Couples who want to have a baby are by no means sentenced to monotony. Any position that allows deep penetration is suitable. The idea being: the further sperm get into the vagina, the shorter their journey to the woman’s eggs. This applies, for example, to the traditional missionary position. The doggy-style position (you on your knees, him behind you) or the Rock n‘ Roller position (you on your back, legs above your head like you are about to do a back roll, him on his knees in front of you) are other options. They’re worth giving a try!

Relax and enjoy

The most important thing to remember: sex should be fun for all involved! Even when a woman’s orgasm is not as important as a man’s ejaculation in terms of conceiving: studies suggest that the chances of conceiving are improved when a woman “gets her money’s worth”. The contractions that take place during a female orgasm act like an accelerator and help sperm to reach their goal more quickly.

Keep calm

When it comes to the baby they long for, things can’t move fast enough for some couples. In this instance, getting pregnant right away tends to be the exception. Even amongst healthy couples, the chances of conceiving lie at “merely” 25 per cent per cycle. Stressing out about getting pregnant is not only unnecessary, it can even have a negative effect on natural fertility. Better: enjoy your time together and, as far as ‘Project Baby’ is concerned, don’t lose sight of having fun when you have sex.

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