Phoenix MedCare’s Prefert Vaginal Gel is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide.

Getting pregnant can be the most natural thing in the world – or a test of nerves. Getting pregnant right away depends on numerous factors. One such factor is the pH in a woman’s vagina during her fertile days. Like its predecessor Pre-Seed, the lubricant developed in the United States, Prefert neutralises the vaginal pH and helps couples on their way to conceiving.

A question of values

Prefert Vaginal Gel is based on the understanding that the vaginal pH has a key role when it comes to fertility. In order to successfully complete their journey from the epididymis to a woman’s eggs, sperm are dependent on a neutral to slightly alkaline environment. They become immobile and die in acidic environments. At 4-4.5, a woman’s vaginal pH is acidic on most of the days of her cycle in order to prevent infection. It lies at 7-7.5 merely during her fertile days and thus offers sperm the ideal conditions for making their journey. Even minor changes in this sophisticated mechanism can upset a woman’s natural fertility.

Experts have established that, in 20-25% of all couples trying for a baby, too acidic a pH could be responsible for compromised fertility. An additional factor in many cases is too low a number of fertile sperm.

From Pre-Seed to Prefert

Using this knowledge, the American scientist Dr. Joanna Ellington launched the lubricant Pre-Seed in 2002 with resounding success: since being launched, Pre-Seed has helped numerous couples to fulfil their wish of having a baby. In an application study involving 100 couples, 31 per cent conceived using Pre-Seed, with 65 per cent thereof successfully conceiving as early on as during the first two cycles.

Prefert Vaginal Gel is now continuing this success story in over 20 countries. Containing natural arabinogalactan, an antioxidant obtained from larch wood, Prefert protects sperm and helps keep them vital. Thanks to its pH of 7.2, it optimises the vaginal pH during a woman’s fertile days. Its osmotic properties guarantee sperm maximum freedom of movement. Clinical in vitro studies confirm the fertility-enhancing properties.

Prefert Vaginal Gel contains no parabens and is free from silicone oil (dimethicone). It is also odourless, neutral-tasting and does not stain. Prior to sexual intercourse, Prefert Vaginal Gel is inserted into the vagina using the enclosed applicator. The gel is water-soluble, binds to the vagina’s natural secretions and provides for welcome lubrication during sexual intercourse. One pack contains 4 hygienically sealed disposable syringes each containing 6 ml, and is sufficient for up to 4 cycles. Prefert is available in all pharmacies without prescription as well as online.

Get pregnant, relaxed and naturally

Every seventh couple in Germany is unintentionally childless. It is not uncommon for partnerships and sexuality to suffer as a result. Thanks to Prefert Vaginal Gel, couples whose sex life has become stressful because of their unfulfilled wish for a baby, are able to relax and enjoy sex once again. And make their dream of having a baby a reality after all.

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